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Post Impact Program™

Suffering from whiplash, or a brain or body injury, following an accident, hit or fall?

Begin the repair process & start healing from your impact injuries today.

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Why Choose Jurmaine Health For Your Impact Program™ Specialists

Private Health & Mental Health Care Plan Applicable

Neuropsychological Assessments for TAC & Work Safe

Development of Ongoing Treatment Plans

Holistic & Scientific Approach to Post Impact Recovery

How It Works

At Jurmaine Health, we aim to balance efficient results with a sustainable level of recovery, helping you to return to a pain-free life as quickly as possible.

As you complete the program, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Physical therapy and psychological sessions that will attempt to aid you in a fully recovery
  • Accurate diagnosis of your injuries through in-depth assessment and analysis
  • A plan designed to aid you in managing your injury over the long term
  • A customised treatment plan based on your individual situation

    The team at Jurmaine Health understands that prompt treatment post-accident is especially important. If treatment and recovery are not commenced as soon as possible, the chances of long-term negative social and economic impacts can be much higher.

    Assisting you in sustaining your recovery over the long term is at the heart of our post-recovery treatment, and at every stage of the program, we’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

    Ease yourself back into good health as soon as possible, with the caring and understanding professionals at Jurmaine Health – book your free consult now and let’s see how we can help you.

Breathing Exercises

In order to ensure effective flow of cerebral and spinal fluid, we’ll take you through various breathing approaches including the Wim Hof and Box methods, facilitating – over the long term – a full release and recovery.

Tremoring Exercises

In seeking to affect change within the nervous system and facilitate a deep nervous system release, our team will guide you through the practice of tremoring, as well as Tension and Trauma Release Exercises.

Body Awareness

Finally, through the application of manual manipulation techniques, we’ll help you to relieve the neural tension that’s caused by mental and physical stress, ‘shaking off’ the pent up energy stuck in your nervous system.

Get in touch today to enquire about our services. We’d love hear from you.

What will be assessed?

Our Embodied Recovery Program, conceptualised and carried out by doctors and other medical professionals, offers you the following:

        • Greater awareness and understanding of the source of your tension
        • An official diagnosis of your relevant condition
        • Work through the root cause of your body’s deep tension
        • A customised program designed to help you manage ongoing tension
        • A greater understanding of the connection between tension and physical or mental traumas
        • Referral to other relevant services
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Why Jurmaine Health

At Jurmaine Health, the team of qualified experts who will assist you with your post-impact treatment understands that each case is unique.

We aim to understand as best we possibly can the details and intricacies of your situation, in order to ensure the post-impact program is as relevant to you as possible.

After assessing your injuries and both their psychological and physical effects, we’ll walk you through the program step-by-step. With total transparency and understanding, our friendly team will answer

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a full recovery typically take?

While we endeavour to maintain a consistently efficient standard of care throughout all of our programs, the severity of your injury, among other factors, make it difficult to determine a specific timeframe of recovery. That being said, through your involvement in relevant physical therapy sessions and implementation of our advice, you can expect to begin seeing results within the first few months of treatment.

As an indication, smaller injuries will typically take around three months to recovery from fully, while larger, more significant injuries will often take up to two years of continual rehabilitation to recover from fully.

In the interest of integrity and full transparency, we’ll be able to inform you as to whether our program is suitable for you after your very first visit – there’s no hidden agenda, and we’ll never prescribe you any form of treatment we don’t believe is fully suitable. In the event that we aren’t available to assist you, we’ll be happy to refer you on to a specialised clinic better suited to addressing your needs

What makes Jurmaine Health’s post-impact program different to similar offerings?

With a highly experienced team that possesses a vast body of knowledge and practical experience, you can expect a greater level of care, a program more specifically adapted to your individual situation and a more sustainable recovery.

We’ll also assist you in any relevant claims processes, including your dealings with the Traffic Accident Commission, Work Safe and any other compensation services.

Who would benefit most from the post-impact program?

If you’ve suffered an impact-related injury resulting from a motor vehicle or sporting accident, and are still experiencing the resulting psychological or physical effects, you would stand to benefit from the Post Impact Program.

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