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Persistent Concussion Program™

Experiencing the long-term effects of a persistent concussion & want to finally start seeing improvements?

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Why Choose Jurmaine Health For Your Persistent Concussion Treatment

A Diverse Team of Concussion Experts

Access to Specialised Neuropsychology Assessments

A Combined Brain & Body Approach

Experts in Addressing Sleep, Balance & Whiplash Issues

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What will be assessed?

  • Accurate diagnosis of your condition
  • Thorough assessments
  • A range of therapies and practices
  • An efficient healing process
  • Access to a team of respected experts
  • The tools needed to manage any ongoing effects of your concussion

The ultimate goal of the persistent concussion program is to mitigate and manage the lingering symptoms of your concussion, ensuring you a speedy and effective recovery.

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Is it for me?

If you have recently suffered from head trauma, you may be experiencing the effects of an ongoing concussion, a situation that has the potential to cause momentary losses of consciousness.

If your recovery thus far has been unacceptably slow, the Jurmaine Health team is able to cater a more targeted, more personalised approach to treatment of persistent concussion symptoms.

Specifically, if it has been two or more months since your injury, and you are still experiencing the effects of the resultant concussion, we encourage you to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a full recovery take?

The causes of persistent and post-concussion can often be complicated, and no two cases are exactly alike, making it challenging to provide an exact timeframe on recovery. Speak to us to find out more about treatment and customising a long-term treatment plan.

What makes Jurmaine Health’s persistent concussion program different from others?

The knowledgeable health professionals at Jurmaine Health can perform a wider range or specific neuropsychological and neuromusculoskeletal assessments than is traditionally available at similar clinics, aiding us is providing treatment that’s more tailored and, ultimately, more effective.

Who would benefit from the post-impact program?

If you’re currently suffering from persistent concussions, or post-concussion syndrome or similar condition, you would stand to benefit the most from this program.

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