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Embodied Recovery™

A novel approach to healing & recovery from emotional & mental tension

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How It Works

The Embodied Recovery process centres around the release of deep tension within the body. Through several different breathing and tremoring processes, along with manual manipulation of problem areas, the Jurmaine Health team gives you the best chance of a sustained recovery.

Breathing Exercises

In order to ensure effective flow of cerebral and spinal fluid, we’ll take you through various breathing approaches including the Wim Hof and Box methods, facilitating – over the long term – a full release and recovery.

Tremoring Exercises

In seeking to affect change within the nervous system and facilitate a deep nervous system release, our team will guide you through the practice of tremoring, as well as Tension and Trauma Release Exercises.

Body Awareness

Finally, through the application of manual manipulation techniques, we’ll help you to relieve the neural tension that’s caused by mental and physical stress, ‘shaking off’ the pent up energy stuck in your nervous system.

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What will be assessed?

  • Our Embodied Recovery Program, conceptualised and carried out by doctors and other medical professionals, offers you the following:

        • Greater awareness and understanding of the source of your tension
        • An official diagnosis of your relevant condition
        • Work through the root cause of your body’s deep tension
        • A customised program designed to help you manage ongoing tension
        • A greater understanding of the connection between tension and physical or mental traumas
        • Referral to other relevant services
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Is it for me?

If you’re feeling stressed or overworked, or potentially contending with a toxic or unhealthy workplace, we have the tools and specialised treatment available to meaningfully and sustainably help you.

If you’ve so far stopped short of seeing a phychiatrist or therapist, and are seeking a more personalised set of therapies and take-home exercises, we welcome you to get in touch.

With a series of body treatments and guided exercises, including breathing and tremoring, our aim is to ensure you’re equipped with a set of exercises and practices that you can take home with you, along with strategies to employ in your work life, helping you to achieve long-term success, where you need not come back to us again and again.

Read on to learn more about the Embodied Recovery Program, and how we may be able to help you.

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Why Jurmaine Health

Embodied Recovery is a novel, scientifically-backed approach to the treatment of physical and mental trauma and related psychological tension.

Our team acknowledges and understands the limitations of more traditional legacy treatments designed to relieve long-term tension. We’ve taken the best practices found in these methods and adapted them to a modern, novel approach to deep tension relief.

This cutting-edge approach combines a diverse range of treatment models and research to create an integrated system of recovery, looking at personal links that you may have, including attachment, trauma and somatic organisation.

We understand that the relationship between practitioner and client is a sensitive one; we aim to facilitate your recovery process through practical and effective therapies and practices, while maintaining a calm and personable approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does full recovery take with the Embodied Recovery program?

  • As physical or mental traumas are diverse, and affect people in different ways, it is challenging to accurately determine how long recovery will take. Speak to us today so that we can find out more about your specific situation.

What makes Embodied Recovery different from other treatment programs?

Embodied Recovery takes all the current treatment methods and research and uses this knowledge to create an approach that aims to treat the core factors behind the tension you are facing, rather than the surface symptoms.

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