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Podcasts & Articles

Looking for easily-accessible, bite-sized knowledge from the Jurmaine Health team?

Peruse the collection below, where you’ll find condensed pearls of wisdom regarding neurology, neuropsychology and neuromusculoskeletal assessments, along with more in-depth explainers of some of our specialised treatments that have been conceptualised and refined right here in our clinic in Melbourne, Australia.

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With the advent of COVID-19, we’ve moved our education and lectures online.

Enquire with us today about personalised content to assist you, along with your family, team, school, university, workplace or other collective of learners.

Looking to arrange an event of your own? Contact us to find out more about partnership and affiliate opportunities.

Workshops & Teaching

If you’d like to learn from the years of collective experience of the Jurmaine Health team, we’d love to chat with you. We’re available for in-person group workshops and training sessions, as well as online and telehealth services.

It’s through these workshops and educational sessions that you’ll benefit from PhD-level knowledge and expertise, condensed into digestible information bites and supplemented with real-world examples.

Whether you’re an individual looking for some real-world tips to apply to your life or a member of a team looking to conduct a workshop at work, we’re able to provide a tailored package for you, suited to your needs and work environment.

Upon completion, you’ll be equipped to better assist and more meaningfully support your employees, your teammates, your classmates, or your family and friends.