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How we began

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Built upon the premise that a combined, holistic approach to health is the optimal way to both address and meaningfully solve complex health problems, the founders of Jurmaine Health designed a service that provides minimal wait times and fast turnarounds. Since 2009, we’ve assessed and treated over 2000 neuropsychological and chiropractic clients.

The services we provide to you are split into three broad categories, each involving a multi-faceted approach, ensuring the solution provided to you is tangible, effective and sustainable.

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Fibre Fitness

All the soft tissue of the body, including muscle, nerves and arteries.

The Nervous System

The peripheral, autonomic and central nervous systems, including your  reflexes.

Structural Integrity

The ‘scaffolding’ of the body, including your joints, bones and cartilage.

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Your thinking, including memory, attention, learning and processing speed.


Your sensing, including hearing, seeing, touch, taste and smell.


Your feeling, including fear, joy, sadness and love.




Your immediate surroundings and people, including your room, your partner or your child.


Your general surroundings and people, including your work building, your friends and your local community.


Your wider surroundings and people, such as your culture, your state and your country.

Providing a complete range of neuropsychological services to government departments, hospitals, referring specialists, community care agencies and direct patients, we’re a team of clinicians who all have expertise in a range of disorders and conditions that affect cognitive behaviour and neuromusculoskeletal health.

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The Jurmaine Health Team

Our team of clinicians has expertise in a range of disorders and conditions that affect both the brain (cognitive behaviour) and the body (neuromusculoskeletal health). Our knowledgeable and caring clinicians are often sought after for their expertise in specialist matters throughout Australia.