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About us

Leading health specialists in Australia. A knowledgeable, experienced team that places an emphasis on friendliness and best-in-practice care
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Welcome to Jurmaine Health!

A team of experienced & professional health experts

Neuropsychological & neuromusculoskeletal assessments

Friendly & informative approach to health & wellbeing

Holistic & collaborative approach to health

How we began

Built upon the premise that a combined, holistic approach to health is the optimal way to both address and meaningfully solve complex health problems, the founders of Jurmaine Health designed a service that provides minimal wait times and fast turnarounds. Since 2009, we’ve assessed and treated over 2000 neuropsychological and chiropractic clients.

The services we provide to you are split into three broad categories, each involving a multi-faceted approach, ensuring the solution provided to you is tangible, effective and sustainable.

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Fibre Fitness

All the soft tissue of the body, including muscle, nerves and arteries.

The Nervous System

The peripheral, autonomic and central nervous systems, including your  reflexes.

Structural Integrity

The ‘scaffolding’ of the body, including your joints, bones and cartilage.

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Your thinking, including memory, attention, learning and processing speed.


Your sensing, including hearing, seeing, touch, taste and smell.


Your feeling, including fear, joy, sadness and love.




Your immediate surroundings and people, including your room, your partner or your child.


Your general surroundings and people, including your work building, your friends and your local community.


Your wider surroundings and people, such as your culture, your state and your country.

Our Team

At Jurmaine Health, we are very proud of our team, which is made up of a diverse group of brain and body experts, which include chiropractors, physiotherapists and psychologists among other well professionals. All of the clinicians who will assist you have obtained post-graduate qualifications and are respected experts in their fields.

Each of our team members have a passion for what they do, which is ultimately facilitating a meaningful improvement in the health and wellbeing of each and every person they serve.

Handpicked for their experience, knowledge, passion and friendly attitudes, each clinician who makes up our team is dedicated first and foremost to this goal.

Get in touch today to enquire about our services. We’d love hear from you.

Our Values


At Jurmaine Health, we are more than happy to refer to ourselves as nerds. We genuinely believe in the mantra of knowledge is power, and we are always staying on top of the latest research and increasing our knowledge, using it to better serve you.


It doesn’t cost anything to be friendly. We understand that many of our patients are going through challenging and difficult times; maintaining a caring, compassionate approach is just one of the ways we aim to ensure you’re always comfortable and looked after.


Explaining the specifics of the treatment you’ll receive, along with helping to present the medical terms and information to you in as clear and succinct a manner as possible, is a key focus of our team and our whole approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I the right fit?

The practitioners at Jurmaine Health treat a wide range of both chronic and complex issues. Those who come to see us are typically facing sports injuries, psychological disorders, chronic disease and a variety of auto-immune conditions. Whether you’re afflicted by any of these, or are facing a different health concern, the best way to find out if we can help you is to book an initial appointment with one of our trained professionals.

What sets Jurmaine Health apart from similar centres?

Primarily, we set ourselves apart through our focus on the fundamental and inextricable connection between body and brain. We also pride ourselves on our commitment to the objective of continuously improving the base of knowledge and expertise from which our team draws every day.

      “We look after you. Brain and body improvements

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